Class 10 Math Mcqs | Class 10 Math Extra questions

Here is the list of Extra Questions for Class 10 Maths with Solutions and Answers Chapter wise based on latest NCERT syllabus. Class 10 is one of the deciding steps of a student’s curriculum. It is this stage that ends the secondary education for a student and begins the preparation for the higher secondary curriculum. Hence, studying important subjects like mathematics Questions is very crucial. To make the preparation of maths and its conceptual development better, download and solve the Class 10 Maths MCQ Questions Important Questions with Solutions for all chapters and master the skills. You will be able to score more on the exams and take your academics to the next level.

Class 10 Math Extra questions

Class 10 Maths Math Extra questions are available for all the chapters (1 to 15). The are based on the latest CBSE syllabus (2022 – 2023). These Math questions are usually 1 marks questions prepared as per the latest exam pattern for Class 10 Maths. Practising these questions will help students to do a quick revision for the concepts present in each chapter and prepare for the board exams. Cross-check your answers with the detailed explanations given here for all the questions. These contain multiple-choice questions along with the answer key.

No.Class 10 Math chapter Wise MCQs Questions
chapter : 1Real Numbers
chapter : 2Polynomials
chapter : 3Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
chapter : 4Quadratic Equations
chapter : 5Arithmetic Progression
chapter : 6Triangles
chapter : 7Coordinate Geometry
chapter : 8Introduction To Trigonometry
chapter : 9Some Applications of Trigonometry
chapter : 10Circles
chapter : 11Constructions
chapter : 12Areas Related To Circles
chapter : 13Surface Areas and Volumes
chapter : 14Statistics
chapter : 15Probability
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